Slogan Competition

The Sapphire Coast Kart Club needs your help to come with a slogan we can use our website, on some hoodies, as well as our new sign on the Princes Hwy. Here is what we have so far:

First Name What is your idea for a SCKC Slogan?
Nicole #NoLimits @ SCKC
Nicole Sapphire Kart Club Is The Place To Be
Ben No Limits
Ben Laying the foundations for life through karting
Ben Let's Do This
Ben Sapphire Coast Kart Club - The coast with the most
Ben Race at the coast the most
Maverick Feel the need for speed
Craig Cruise along the coast, Then RACE KARTS.
Dale Learn it. Live it.
Lachlan Kartings great you’ll meet new mates
Mitch From Coast to Karting in 3 seconds flat
Allan No Coast. Just flat out fun
Lachlan Let the best release
Mitch “I decide when I’m Done” join us at Sapphire Coast Kart Club
Katrina From young to old don't let the tyres stay cold.
Lakyn If you ain’t on the gas, I’ll be kicking you ass
Chadd If In Doubt Power Out
Jacob Let a kart take your heart stop on in and have a spin
Don IF you need to speed. Speed at the Sapphire kart track
Jacob The memories you make at this kart track are as precious as a sapphire this Track lives up to its name
Tim Karting: A family fun sport
Brian Race Your Mates
Daryl Just for fun
Ricky_Bobby Shake and bake
Clayton Be fast or be last
Lance Where if the rubber ain't flyin' you ain't tryin'
Anonymous Building better drivers
Kev The place to race

For your chance to win a hoody with your slogan on it, submit your idea below. The winner will be announced before the end of 2018.