Track Information

Aerial View

The track is bitumen and has a width of 7 metres on straights and 8 metres on corners. The track can be configured to run in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The track is on a gentle slope with the lower end of the track at the bottom of the aerial photo.

The long track is 660 metres and has a track density of 26 karts. The long track incorporates the round a bout, then returning back to turn 5.

The short track is 537 metres long.

We have had Laser speed measurement devices at the track to record top speeds and some modern on-board data loggers can record top speed measured by GPS.

Practice: 9am – 5pm Saturday  &  Sunday

The track is open for practice 9am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday as per the Calendar. Practice fees apply to Non-Members $20.00 per day.  Two senior members must be present whilst practicing. All karters must be signed in before going onto the track. Contact Lance Ogier on 0417 757 561 for more info.

Suggested Gearing

Class / Engine Gear ratio
Cadet Comer / MiniRok 11/83-86
KA3 Yamaha KT100S Clubman 10/83
KA4 Yamaha KT100J National 11/77
TaG Restricted Light (Rotax) 11/81-83
TaG Light (Rotax) 11/75-79 or

The above ratios are only a guide and are based on a number of different drivers opinions. They should be considered a starting point only.